Project Updates

It's been a very busy few months around here with lots of projects under construction.  Here is a glimpse of what we've been working on with more details of each to follow:

We designed a second story addition for this ranch remodel:


Under construction

We designed a whole house remodel for this split-level ranch, creating a cottage look:


Under construction

We are in the schematic design phase a renovation and addition to this beautiful house:



Remember this cute front entry we did a while back?  We're now working on a new kitchen for this same client.

Front entry renovation project, read about it here
Proposed kitchen design

We're also under construction on my own house, which is an energy efficient house that my husband and I designed.  Here are some renderings:

In the meantime, our family of four is living in my recently completed studio office space in the backyard (yes, it's as small as it looks):

We had a magazine photo shoot for one of our projects in the fall.  You can read about it and see the photos when it comes out, likely this summer.

And thanks to a reader who alerted us, we learned that one of our bathroom designs was featured on the cover of a book recently!

We'll be updating the website with interior and exterior finish details of these projects and others as they're completed.  Let us know what you're interested in reading about and we'll do our best to post more frequently.


  1. So exiting, want to read about every little detail;)

  2. Definitely interested to see more of your lovely work.


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