Design Idea: Design it Differently

Sometimes in design you need to think a little out of the box to make a space unique and special. In many cases these custom designed items send everyone running for the hills when it's time to build them - the contractor, the installer, the plumber or electrician. That’s because these things sometimes take some extra thought and problem solving. That’s why I love to work with tradespeople who have an open mind; they're excited by a challenge and love to figure out a way to make things work. Here’s an example - a sink I designed in a kitchen a few years go:
While it’s a common farmhouse sink - the difference is what’s going on behind it at the faucet. There are actually two sinks in this kitchen, each located under a window. Rather than mount the faucets on the counter top as usual, I decided to mount them on a window sill made out of marble. The marble fabricators made a box and a sill out of white carrera marble and the finish carpenter brought the window trim right down to the marble sill.  The faucet is actually a deck mounted faucet that we split up - the plumber was able to mount the faucet on the top of the sill and the handles are mounted on the face of the sill. It took a little extra work for the plumber and marble fabricator but what do you think - was it worth the extra effort?


  1. Definitely worth the effort. Finding tradesmen that are happy to embrace new ideas to very hard though.
    This is a stunning kitchen Molly. Congratulations on a beautiful outcome.

  2. Janine MarshallNovember 27, 2010

    Absolutely, worth the effort!!!! It's so well thought out and well done, it does look very stylish. Before with our old kitchen the taps and faucet was mounted on the wall and I HATED it but looking at the above photo of how this was done, I reckon I may have a change of heart. For the record I agree with Sharnel above it's so hard to get good trademen to think outside the box...really it is...and when you do find someone that embraces different ideas, you need to hold onto them with both hands!!! Thanks for sharing.
    Take care
    Tasmania, Australia

  3. Yes yes yes, so very creative you are!


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